Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my brother is sick, has a fucked up love life (girl keeps hooking up with other peeps), got fired from his job for not truning up, got robbed of clothes, money and passport, etc and i could keep going, but i will stop. has also baby centipedes growing in his bathroom.

okay, so what we did was immature. we have no obligation to each other i know. we are friends. we established that. but i know him, and if he wanted to kiss her, he should have done it where i wasn't looking. because thats the thorne i know. and if he thought that i was hooking in to nathan (which i didn't mean to, he did it first that cock, but i would have removed myself in the situation if i thought somethign would happen. basically, if thorne didn't hook up with someone else, i wouldn't have either.) thats not how he should have dealt with it, by kissing someone. and i shouldn't have to kiss anyone else either. we shouldn't have to do this with each other.